Transfiguration Church


Преображенский храм, с. Спас-Детчин, Каширский р-н

The history

In 16th century a priest John Vasiliev built a wooden church in the name of Transfiguration of Jesus. According to local legends in the ancient times there was a monastery.
A stone church was built, in the name of Transfiguration of Jesus, in the place of the decayed wooden church by parishioners and by A. Gavrilov, a retired major of Izmaylovsky Regiment.
In the refectory of the church there are outhouses: the right one is in the name of the prophet Elijah, the left one is in the name of Saint Nicholas. All three alters are dedicated in 1879. In 1903 the parishioners built a church school near the church. During the Soviet period the church continued its service.

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