Keller’s estate

Sennizy is a destroyed nobleman’s estate in the village Sinnizy-2, Ozerskiy district, the landmark of Federal significance. Over 200 years till 1793 the estate Sinnizy belonged to Gagarin prince family. Its owners were Athanasius Fedorovich and Matvei Petrovich who built the estate church.
The first stone house was built in 1771 in Sennizy. It was built by Marvei Alekseevich, Matvei Petrovich’s grandson in 1725-1793.
Then the owners of the estate were a niece of the childless duke Sophia Velegorskaya and her children Matvei and Michael.
The duke A.I. Shahavskoy built a new manor-house with columns and also rebuilt the park.
The count Theodore Eduardovich inherited the estate from his wife’s parents. He organized four calico factories that brought good income. With these proceeds he changed the face of the estate. The third manor house was in the Victorian Gothic style.
In 1918 the estate was nationalized and fell to desolation: the palace burnt, the church was ravaged in the 30s. Part of the values were moved to Zaraiskiy museum and the museum of Moscow mining Academy.
To these days the church of Feast of Ascension, the outhouse for servants, the manager house, the stables, water-mill and the park are preserved.