Welcome to Ozery land

To know what they didn’t know
I’ve never let
Eyes, mouth and skin to drink the sea!
Who in the ocean sees only water
Doesn’t notice the mountains on the earth

Vladimir Vysotsky

Step into the unique and mysterious world on the banks of the deep river Oka. Just step on to the sun-warmed suspension bridge, under the sweet chirping of cicades and crickets and you touch the Nature. The air is filled with the wonderful smell of invigorating pine trees, wild berries and wildflowers. Urgent matters and eternal vanity of drowning in the grey mist of cities remain far behind. You’ll be surrounded by picturesque river valleys, mysterious slender woods, endless fields. Under the arches of the infinitely blue sky with dazzling white clouds and the hot sun, you’ll see the deep ravines, high hills, amazing caves, bubbling springs, meandering rivers. Come across a cozy beach, an old manor or wrapped in legends the ancient city.

Let’s start this virtual travelling!!! It promises to be bright, information-intensive, enthralling.